What are the Benefits of a Day Cruise?

485133882There are many people who really want to go on a cruise but may never get the opportunity. The next best thing to a long haul cruise may be planning a Day Cruise. While many of these are only for a one day adventure, there are some companies that do offer overnight cruises or up to 3 Day mini-cruises. However, even just one day on a cruise offers lots of great fun!

Something Different

If you are tired of the same old same old, consider a day cruise to spice up your weekend. You get the chance to spend some time on the water and enjoy some smooth sailing. Many of the One Day Cruise companies offer different types of themes. For example, there are some that offer a day of cruising that focuses on sight seeing. Even if you live in the area where the cruise is embarking from seeing the land from the water creates a whole new experience.

Then there are some Day Cruises that offer different venues. Some are for a day of pampering where there are a selection of spas on board where you can enjoy some wonderful beauty treatments or massages. Then for something a little more lively some of the venues include entertainment like a live band or a theater show.


There is just something about being on a boat that is totally relaxing. If you are looking for the perfect venue to get away from it all then choosing a Day Cruise is a great choice. Just leave your cell phone at home and choose a cruise where the emphasis is on rest and relaxation.

A day doesn’t seem like a lot of time out for yourself, but when it is full of fun, it will be time well spent n doubt.