Day cruises are an affordable, fun alternative to a road trip or to an expensive vacation.

There is no shortage of different types of entertainment that one can enjoy in a day, but it is really nice when you can find something different to do. That is exactly what Day Cruises have to offer.

There are many different options when it comes to the duration of the excursion. It can range from a few hours, to a full day. Or extended trips can be overnight or up to three days and still fall into the mini-cruise category.

When you are opting for the day cruise it usually consists of touring the area where it is launching from. Naturally you don’t want to have to drive a long distance just so you can take advantage of this type of venue. Start by checking out in your area who offers this type of service. You may be quite surprised to learn that there are several for you to choose from.

There are different types of theme or venues that many of the Day Cruise companies will offer. Some are sight seeing tours where you never leave the boat. These are use the cruises that only last for a few hours.

Some day cruises that last for the full day will include a stop over somewhere along the way to enjoy some fine dining. Some involve food, or activities like whale watching.

When deciding on the day cruise you want to take be sure to check out what the itinerary is all about. This way you will know if it is going to be of something of interest for you. This is the type of adventure you could plan to do at least once a month so you can experience the different types of Day Cruises that may be available to you.