Seasons and Day Cruises

msc-meraviglia-by-day_origA day cruise can be the perfect personal or business getaway, but it’s important to note the season and weather changes, depending on your idea of a retreat. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway for a while and enjoy sunbathing on the deck of the ship whilst sipping cocktails, it’s best to book your trip in the Spring or Summer, and well in advance to get the best deal. However, if you’re more inclined towards on board, indoor activities and want to enjoy the vast array of entertainment choices available on board during your retreat, aim to book for the slower seasons where you can find the cheapest options.

With an abundance of entertainment options on board, it would be difficult to find yourself bored on a cruise ship. Most modern liners have a huge range or recreational activities available including on-board casinos with poker, blackjack, Craps , roulette and bingo for those feeling a little lucky. As well as spas, pools, tennis courts, squash courts and gyms if you’re feeling a little more active. These liners certainly have something for everyone packed into a mini vacation.

Off season day cruises can be a great way to escape the rat race of everyday life and relax. For many regions, cruise ship seasons are split into high season, low season, and shoulder season. Whilst there are some exceptions, promotions, and deals available at all times of the year, you can generally expect to pay the most during the high season, the least during the low season, and be able to find some great bargains in the shoulder seasons. Shoulder seasons are the transition periods between the busiest months and the slowest months and during these periods many cruise liner companies will often fantastic deals to fill up their ships. This works out perfectly for those who aren’t too fussed about the weather, so be sure to do your research and find yourself a great deal for your retreat!