Planning Your Own Personal Day Cruise

shipOnce you have discovered that you can plan your own personal day cruise event, you have some work ahead of you to turn this thought into a reality.

What is Available

It will all begin with you finding out what Companies in your area offer Day Cruises and whether you can charter the boat for your event. Once that has been determined then you need to continue with your planning.

Gathering the Right Information

You now need to know what your options are. Does the Day Cruise Company offer options like day or night cruises. Do they provide various types of entertainment that you can hire. Are their facilities for preparing food or does the Company provide refreshments.

Planning Your Guest List

The Day Cruise Company will have advised you as to the number of guests that can be accommodated. This means you now have the task of developing your guest list. You want it to be big enough to justify what you are spending for the charter. At the same time you don’t want to be too crowded either.

Planning the Venue

Once the Day Cruise provides information as to what they have to offer by way of entertainment you can then make the decision as to whether you want to book what they have to offer, or whether you want to bring your own entertainment. This may be an option for you and you need to determine how much of a need there is to entertain your guests. The timing of the Day Cruise will determine this. If you have chosen a night cruise then there will be a bigger need to keep your guests entertained.

Make sure you know what the rules and regulations are concerning the Day Cruise which should be outlined by the Company that you are using. Some allow for the serving of alcoholic beverages for example, while others don;t.